The Sweet Dark, Pt. I

by Jasper T.

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After two years, and all of my blood, sweat, tears, heart, truth, and love, my first album is complete.


released January 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Jasper T. Seattle, Washington

A whole lotta City with a little bit of Country.

From the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Jasper T. aims to combine the heart and soul of pure acoustic music with a kiss of the modern touch of hip hop and electronic.

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Track Name: Julie [feat. John Crown]
Verse I
She calls me up at four in the morn
Wakes me up, what do you need?
Is he at home, is he alive, has he died?
It's been a long day since he's called me
Well he's asleep, a little drunk, but he's just fine
I'm sure he'll call you in due time
She gives her thanks but I can tell she wants to cry
I say goodnight, she says goodbye

Julie don't know where I'm goin
Julie don't know where I've been
She's been gone so long that she's moved on
And what she left is wearin thin

Forever on my mind, is it love I'm tryin to find

Verse II
The moonlight whispered kisses against her silhouette
While blue smoke danced from off her cigarette
The scent of perfume, standin with pursed lips
I swear to God she fittin to tell me the worst shit
She reached inside her purse and grabbed the keys to her car
And held em the same way she held the keys to my heart
Said this is gonna hurt but Baby, I gotta leave
My heart almost seized when she said overseas
See love is disease and it's terminal
She packed my heart up in a suitcase and left me at the terminal
Then she had the nerve to tell me not to take it personal
Left my head spinnin like some vertigo
You know how Romeo loved Juliet?
Cause he hadn't met Julie yet
(Oh she's forever on my mind)
Cause he hadn't met Julie yet

He's on the floor in his dusty Jordan shoes
The handful of drinks has knocked him cold
I kick him in his side and I say, "wake up, Sunshine"
Your girl wants to know you're alive
He looks around, surprised he's on the ground
And then gets up without a sound
I tell him thank the stars above you lucky fool
And tell her that you love her, too

Julie don't know what I'm doin
Julie don't know where I'll be
She's been gone so long that she's moved on
Away and with no time for me
Julie don't know where I'm goin
Julie don't know where I've been
She's been gone so long that she's moved on
And what she left is always

Forever on my mind, Is it love I'm tryin to find?
Track Name: Waiting [Prod. by Captain Midnite]
Verse I
Girl, now you know I hate to sound cliche
But if this was just another love song, well you'd probably hear it anyway
Now I'm hearing our song and I'm walking these streets
Just not the same without you next to me
But you chose to leave now I'm cold where I stand
Feeling like a fool or just a lesser man
And now my head starts to spin and I'm wondering why
You said our love would never fade but then you said goodbye
And sometimes my heart will drift back to those summer nights...
I know it's been said before but time's moving so slow
Now there's just one thing that I need you to know (that I'm)

Waiting, for the rain to wash away
The memory, I have of this place (now I'm)
Waiting, and that's all I can do (girl I was)
Waiting, For you

All I wanna do, is close my eyes and be with you
In the Sweet Dark

Verse II
How, in the f*** am I supposed to get my mind into a better place
When everywhere I turn even on the screen, it seems I see your face
There was a time when you changed my life now all you done is cut my precious pride
I know the sting will cease with time but not it's burning inside (and I'm)


Now I'm wishing and waiting for you
Hoping and praying for a love that is true
Track Name: Friend like You (For The Ones We Love)
Guitar/Vocals: Jasper T.

Mixed by Mark Clem
Mastered by Diego Coy