Broken Singer's Blues 2​.​0 [ft. John Crown]

by Jasper T.

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This is my first true crack at some real Seattle Folk Hop. This track was produced by one of my favorite producers, Trox, and features my favorite rapper, John Crown. It's from the heart and I hope you enjoy it.


I won't stand by your side to sing the Broken Singer's Blues

Verse I
Man it's such a lonely road when all your friends go home
And you're standing by yourself in front of the microphone, all alone
I know that if I give you everything I have
It's not guaranteed that I will ever get it back
But still I put my heart in this, I hope you see the art in this
Wish you was still here because you was here when I started this
Now I'm in the greenroom, PBRs and cigars to split
But I can't pass to you cause you no longer a part of this
Pardon this emotion that I'm honest with
This live band and this audience, this fog
This bright light just for ambiance
Who knows who grew impartial to the partnership
It's not about the green, but I'm Gary Payton how I'm guarding this
Damn, fools gold was all the seen
The said his vision and his goals were all obscene
But here I am at center stage it's not as far-fetched as it seems
But I ain't got time to sing the blues, I'm too busy chasing dreams

Maybe I'm blowin up, maybe I'm the fool
But on this lonely drive I just couldn't keep my cool
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that's true
I won't stand by your side to sing the Broken Singer's Blues

Verse II
Recall those nights we sang so loud,
That all our friends joined in
Drinkin laughin while we put on for the crowd
To end's a bitter sin
I will not sit in sorrow, now I must move on
Just like the rain drops fallin on my windshield
There and then I'm gone


Broken Singers Blues, that's all I got for you
That's all I got for you
[You got me broken, you got me broken... you got the]

Broken Singer's Blues, that's all for you

I ain't got time to sing the blues
I'm too busy chasin dreams [MC Dogg!]


released October 1, 2013
Production by Trox (
Vocals by Jasper T. and John Crown
Violin by Maggie Tweedy
Guitar by Jasper T.
Mixing and additional production by Teal Douville
Mastering by Diego Coy (



all rights reserved


Jasper T. Seattle, Washington

A whole lotta City with a little bit of Country.

From the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Jasper T. aims to combine the heart and soul of pure acoustic music with a kiss of the modern touch of hip hop and electronic.

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